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Plain and simple, we love bikes that can handle kids and cargo. Our goal is to help families discover the freedom, joy and simplicity of life by bike.

We’re here to help you get rolling. Cargo bikes are insanely fun and supremely rewarding; they can also be intimidating, overwhelming, and gigantic. That’s why we’re committed to giving each family one-on-one service; we want you to leave our shop feeling excited, empowered, and confident. Our job is to figure out what bike set-up is best for your family (we’ll even happily send you to another shop, if they’ve got a different bike we think you should try), dedicate time helping you acclimate to riding these big fun bikes, and share what we’ve learned along the way.


Elsbeth Cool, founder

Elsbeth slowly went from nervous rider to year-round bike commuter and certified cargo bike maniac. She loves the freedom, simplicity, and joy riding with her family offers! She is active in her neighborhood and ward as an advocate for safe streets, has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, co-founded a rapidly growing community group for parent-cyclists (Chicago Family Biking), has spoken at an Active Transportation Alliance annual meeting, and is a brand ambassador for Po Campo.

When she's not helping local families find the perfect cargo bike, you can probably find her riding around town in her Urban Arrow, brimming with children, groceries, and library books.


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