We understand that cargo bikes can be both a big investment and a big lifestyle shift.


Sometimes you need more than a test ride to make sure a cargo bike is an investment you're ready to make. Or maybe you need to make sure the bike fits in your vestibule, or if you can park it at work. For any of those situations, we offer rentals! Cost is $45 per day. Helmets, locks, bell, and lights always included. We can typically set the bike up to suit your needs: kid seats, bags, you name it.

We use Spinlister, an online rental platform to make the rental process seamless & easy. You can select a bike from our fleet, request dates, and include any special requests via their platform.

Rentals generally available from Sunday afternoons to Wednesday evenings. Limited weekend availability. Shoot us an e-mail or rental request via Spinlister to double-check availability for a particular bike.