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So, you’ve been wanting to bike, but just aren’t sure where to get started, or maybe all the options are overwhelming. We get it– we've been there too. Let us help you get ready to roll, small passengers and all!

Fill out this simple form and we'll respond with an assessment and suggestions. No strings attached, no weird schemes. Our goal is to help families ride comfortably & safely, on a bike that’s the right fit for your life!

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On urban or suburban roads? For your daily commute, to run errands, or hit the park on the weekend? Dropping your kids off at school, and then on to work? Do you plan to be car-free? Will the bike be your primary way to get around town?
Will you be sharing the bike with someone who is shorter or taller than you?
Will you be storing your cargo bike in a garage at ground-level, in a locked storage space in a basement, or in your apartment? Do you need a bike that can maneuver around tight corners or is light enough to carry up and down a flight of stairs?
If so, how many & what ages?
Nice weather? May-October? Year round?