Bike Your Way Back To School!

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, and parents everywhere are gearing up for the endless scramble of school drop off & pick up. Have you ever considered biking to school? Does it seem like even more work (the last thing any parent needs)? We interviewed a bunch of local parents in the Chicago Family Biking Community group; they’ve kindly shared their wisdom & amazing tips to enjoying getting to school by bike!

Photo courtesy of Kristen DeLap

Photo courtesy of Kristen DeLap

Turn Up The Beats.
”Play some of their favorite music using a cheap Bluetooth speaker. Give their friends rides, they will love it which in turn will make your kids love it.” - Sarah Sparks Floyd

“Every year on the last day of school, I make sure to blast Alice Cooper "School's Out" at top volume at drop-off. It's good to have rituals.”

–Gregory Ehrendreich

Set Yourself Up For Success.

“Practice different routes for drop off and pick up. It may not be the same because of traffic. And remember the most efficient route may not be the safest or most relaxing so feel free to go out of your way for a better experience overall.”
– Alison Hightower

Trying to find a good route to school? Check out our post about route planning for family rides.

“If possible, do a practice run before the first day of school so you know how long it’s likely to take and so the kids know what to expect.”
– Lindsay Horeis /

Independent Riders.

“Panniers! Panniers are your friend!”
– Elizabeth Thomas Bartom

Get those kids carrying their own stuff — it’s life-changing! We stock 20L children’s panniers from Basil. You’ll also need a small rack (often the racks for folding bikes work well for kid bikes!) as well.

Get The Kids On Board.

”When my oldest started to complain about biking, I offered her a (small) cut of the money we were saving on CTA fare.”
– Kathleen Abbott

Genius! That’s some pro-level parenting right there.

“Find friends! Peer pressure can be used positively.”
– Colin Parks-Fried

Everything is more fun with friends. Have you ever heard of a neighborhood bike train? Here’s a detailed guide to starting your own neighborhood bike to school group.