Choosing A Cargo Bike

New customers almost always come to us with the question: Which cargo bike is best for me? We hear this so often, in fact, that we’ve actually put together a questionnaire that our customers fill out to help us guide them toward the best bike for their needs. Tell us a few key things about your lifestyle and needs, and we can point you toward the best bike for you!


Ready to get started? Here’s a preview of the questions we ask people looking for a cargo bike: 

How and where will you ride? 
On urban or suburban roads? For your daily commute or only to run errands and hit the park on the weekend? Dropping your kids off at school, and then on to work? Do you plan to be car-free? Will the bike be your primary way to get around town? Some bikes, like the Xtracycle can carry 2-3 kids + all your stuff, and others, like the Public C7, are great for fun outings, but less practical for hauling huge loads of groceries and multiple kiddos. 

What's your height?
Will you be sharing the bike with someone who is significantly shorter or taller than you? Some bikes, like the Larry vs. Harry Bullitt, are better for taller riders, and some, like the Urban Arrow, are friendlier to shorter riders. Some, like the Tern GSD, are great for sharing between people of any size! 

Where will you store your bike?
Will you be storing your cargo bike in a garage at ground-level, in a locked storage space in a basement, or in your apartment? Do you need a bike that can maneuver around tight corners or is light enough to carry up and down a flight of stairs? Knowing where and how you plan to store your cargo bike is one of the most important details for us to know as we help you select the best bike for you.

Ready to continue your cargo bike search? You can access our full cargo bike questionnaire here or schedule a test ride or bike rental here