Frequently Asked Questions

Family Biking

What’s a family cyclery? The general culture around cycling has long been exclusionary & unwelcoming. We think this is sad, and that everyone should have a warm & happy welcome to riding a bike! A Family Cyclery embodies community, warmth, and delight ... all the things bikes bring to our lives! The bikes, products, and services we offer are all geared towards a vision of bikes as utilitarian transportation, vehicles of joy, and making memories that will be carried for generations to come!

It means we have a great play area for kids & a comfy couch for nursing babies, extraordinarily helpful & friendly staff, and bikes that will take you from school to work to adventure and back again.

Do I have to have kids? Absolutely not! We sell bikes for carrying all sorts of stuff, not just small humans. "Family friendly" just means we're really nice & believe in treating all people with respect & inclusion. Don't let the Family Cyclery title scare you away -- we welcome you with open arms!

Cargo bikes

Why cargo & electric bikes? Because they're awesome & they're changing the world. Seriously. We believe in cargo bikes because we've experienced the freedom, simplicity, and joy they bring to life.

How do I choose a cargo bike? It's a big decision & we're here to help! Check out this blog post, fill out our questionnaire, schedule a free test ride appointment.

But aren’t electric bikes unnecessary in Chicago? Nope! Just because it's flat doesn't mean we can't take advantage of the wonderful benefits of electric assist. Also, we have 30 mph headwinds! Electric assist doesn't make you lazy, it makes you want to ride your bike all. the. time. It also allows families to bike further than they ever dreamed, tired parents to enjoy ferrying around the kids & maybe still commute to work, a petite person to transport three times their bodyweight in an epic haul from the gardening center, turns a 20 mile commute into a delight ... we could keep going for a long time. Plus, who doesn't want to ride up the crazy ramp at the Clybourn Trader Joe's parking garage & leave all the drivers gaping after you?

Service at Four Star Family Cyclery

Why do we have to make an appointment? Our appointment-based approach allows for exceptional service. Book a test ride & you'll be guaranteed the undivided attention of our staff. There's no walking in & hoping someone notices you; we want to greet you by name, get to know your family & specific needs, and find a great bike for you. Schedule service with confidence, knowing that you'll receive excellent care, realistic estimates, and scheduling that fits your life!

How does service work? When you drop the bike off, we will do a full inspection & assessment, send an estimate over to you for approval, and then proceed accordingly.

Can I schedule a mobile service or pick up? You sure can! We understand all too well what it's like to have a cargo bike stranded with a flat tire, and the after-school-dinner-bedtime rush with kids which makes bike shop visits tough. Let us make it easy for you with our mobile service option (only available for flat fixes & minor service repairs) or our pick up/drop off service.

We purchased a bike elsewhere, can we still bring it to you for service? Absolutely. We welcome all cargo bikes (after all, they're our specialty). If you have a Bosch or Shimano e-bike, bring it on in! Our staff is Bosch-certified & we have great relationships with a ton of cargo bike companies -- even if your bike isn't a brand that we carry in-store, we can probably order any parts & accessories needed!

Our warranty facilitation fee ($45) applies to all bikes not purchased at Four Star. This covers our time to assess the issue, fill out paperwork, interface with the bike company, and order any new parts required.

Do you service “regular” bikes? We are happy to work on "single occupant" bikes, but don't always have space in our service queue. Give us a call, send an e-mail, we'll see what we can do! Please know, our service rates are based on cargo/electric bikes, so you may find our pricing varies from other local shops. If you're looking for other shops in the area, we recommend the Bike Lane, BFF Bikes, and Comrade Cycles!