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Free Consultations

Curious about cargo bikes, but just not sure where to start? We’re pretty awesome at helping you narrow down your options and feel empowered about choosing the right bike for your family. Fill out our questionnaire to get started.


Everything You Need

We carry Xtracycle, Urban Arrow, Public, Bullitt, Tern, and Yuba bikes. We also sell a variety of kid seats, heavy-duty locks, helmets, and import terrific European components & accessories to make riding with your kids easier.


Service & Maintenance

Lucky for us, we have a team of super friendly, kind & helpful, superstar bike mechanics. Even better, they do house calls! So no need to drag your bike to the shop; schedule an appointment & we’ll come to you.

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Bike Rentals

We understand that cargo bikes can be both a big investment and a big lifestyle shift. Sometimes you need more than a test ride to make sure it's an investment you're ready to make. Or maybe you need to make sure the bike fits in your vestibule, or if you can park it at work.